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Robert Lebrun

Robert Lebrun is the young, carefree son of Madame Lebrun and the older brother of Victor Lebrun. He is described as a man who “lives in the shadow” of attractive, often married or widowed women. Robert has been a companion of the women in the community since he was fifteen. 

He is of similar coloring and temperament to Edna Pontellier , whom he becomes close friends with. Before he met Edna, he would keep company with Adèle Ratignolle and would often facetiously profess his love to her. Despite Robert’s previous professions of love toward Adèle, he does not act in such a way toward Edna. Instead, he treats Edna as an equal. Eventually, however, he begins to flirt with Edna and soon falls in love with her. When he realizes that he loves a married woman whom he cannot be with, he leaves for Mexico....

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