The Awakening Chapters 27 and 28 Summary and Analysis

Kate Chopin

Chapters 27 and 28 Summary and Analysis

That evening, in Chapter XXVII, Alcee says he has never seen Edna in such a good mood. He sits close to her, letting his fingers lightly touch her hair, which she enjoys. Then she tells Alcee she needs to figure out what kind of woman she is; she feels wicked but doesn’t really think she is. Alcee responds that she needn’t think about it because he can tell her what kind of woman she is.

Then Edna recounts something Mademoiselle Reisz had said to her about how birds that want to soar above tradition and prejudice must have strong wings. Alcee responds that Mademois-elle Reisz must be demented, but Edna argues that she seems wonderfully sane to her.

Alcee notes that Edna’s...

(The entire section is 524 words.)