Chapter 8 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

Adele expresses her concern to Robert about Edna taking him seriously and asks him to stay away from her as they start walking away from the beach. In response, an offended Robert shares some scandalous stories about other people who are actually womanizers, like Alcée Arobin, and insists that Edna would never take him seriously. Afterwards, Robert prepares a cup of bouillon for Adele and departs for the main house.

As he travels, he comes across the couple who are so absorbed in each other that they're unaware of their surroundings. He searches for Edna and the kids, but when he can't spot them, he proceeds to his mother's residence. She's occupied with her sewing machine.

Robert and his mother have a discussion and later they try to get in touch with Victor who is leaving to go somewhere. Victor ignores their calls, which annoys Madame Lebrun. She suggests that things would be better if her husband had not died at a young age. After that, she informs Robert that a person who is interested in her romantically is planning to go to Mexico and has invited Robert to go with him.

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