The Awakening Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

Kate Chopin

Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Adele Ratignolle: a friend of Edna’s; a beautiful woman who is devoted to her husband and children; she is pregnant

This chapter begins with a description of Edna’s mothering. Leonce cannot define exactly Edna’s failings in this regard, but as an example, if one of the Pontellier children fell, he would not rush to his mother’s arms for comfort. Edna is not a “mother-woman”: a breed who idolize their children and worship their husbands and have no selves of their own.

One such mother-woman is Adele Ratignolle, who is described as “the embodiment of every womanly grace and charm.” She is very fond of Edna and is with her,...

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