The Awakening Chapter 39 Summary and Analysis

Kate Chopin

Chapter 39 Summary and Analysis

Back in Grand Isle, Victor is working and Mariequita is watching him. He is talking about the dinner at Edna’s exaggerating every detail. Mariequita thinks he is in love with Edna, and she becomes jealous and sullen but then lets Victor reassure her.

To their surprise Edna appears before them, looking tired from her trip. She tells them she is just here for a rest and that any room will do. Then she asks what time dinner would be served.

Edna tells them her intention to go to the beach and take a swim. They warn her that the water is too cold, but she says she would dip her toes at least.

Edna walks down to the beach without thinking about anything in particular....

(The entire section is 834 words.)