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Chapter 37 Summary and Analysis

Edna arrives at the Ratignolles and finds Adele on a sofa in the salon, clearly in pain. She is berating Dr. Mandelet to her servant for being late. She is getting a little hysterical.

Finally Dr. Mandelet arrives, and Adele goes into her room. Edna stays with her, but she feels uneasy. She is recalling her own experiences with a feeling of dread. She begins to wish she had not come, but she stays. Although she is in agony, she stays to witness the birth that she considers a torture.

She is stunned and speechless when she says goodbye to Adele later. Adele is exhausted but whispers to Edna to think of her children.

Discussion and Analysis
Adele is in obvious pain; her beautiful face is drawn and pinched, and her eyes are haggard and unnatural. We are clearly not...

(The entire section is 284 words.)