Chapter 37 Summary

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Last Updated April 21, 2023.

Upon arriving at the Ratignolles' residence, Edna discovers Adele on a couch in the salon, visibly experiencing serious discomfort. She is scolding Dr. Mandelet to her servant for his tardiness, displaying signs of growing agitation and distress.

After a while, Dr. Mandelet finally shows up and Adele retires to her room. Edna remains with her, but she feels uneasy and starts to remember her own past experiences of childbirth with a sense of fear. Despite regretting her decision to come, Edna remains with Adele and endures the painful birth that she perceives as a form of torture. 

Later, when she bids Adele farewell, Edna is amazed and unable to speak. Adele, who is very tired, advises Edna to keep her children in mind in a whisper.

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