Chapter 36 Summary

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Last Updated April 21, 2023.

While taking a stroll, Edna frequently visits a peaceful garden café located in a suburban area, where the owner offers delicious food. This café is not popular among her friends, and Edna doesn't anticipate encountering anyone she knows during her visits there. 

One day during her dinner, Robert unexpectedly enters the room and appears uneasy and embarrassed upon seeing Edna. Edna had planned to be distant with Robert, but when she sees him, her reserved demeanor fades away quickly. She inquires as to why he's been avoiding her, which causes Robert to become almost angry and plead with her to let him be.

Edna accuses Robert of being self-centered and insensitive to her emotions, but Robert counters by accusing Edna of being harsh and attempting to pressure him into revealing something that would have no benefit for him. They engage in some small talk and Robert shares the ending of the book Edna is reading, so she doesn't have to finish it.

After they complete their task, Robert escorts Edna to her home. Once there, she enters her room to freshen up, and upon her return to the living room, she finds Robert lost in thought as he leans back in a chair. Edna leans over and kisses him before stepping back, prompting Robert to follow her and embrace her. With affection and fondness, she caresses his face, and they kiss once more.

Robert eventually confesses his love for her, acknowledging that he had been struggling with his feelings because she was already in a committed relationship. He confesses that he had always dreamed of being with her, and hoped that her husband Leonce would release her from their marriage. When Edna kisses him in response, she reassures him that his fears are unfounded, and that she is not bound to Leonce as his property. She emphasizes that she is a free person, and she is the one who decides how she gives herself to others.

Robert's face turns pale, indicating his confusion. At that moment, Adele's servant arrives at the door to inform Edna that Adele is about to give birth and requests her presence. Robert says a passionate goodbye to Edna and, in response, Edna expresses her love for him and suggests they can finally be together. She then asks him to wait for her until she returns from Adele's, but Robert begs her not to leave. Nevertheless, Edna departs, assuring him that she will return shortly.

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