Chapter 35 Summary

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Last Updated April 21, 2023.

Upon awakening, Edna is full of optimism and anticipates that despite Robert's reservations, he will ultimately express his love for her. She envisions him visiting her later that day.

She gets letters from both her children and from Leonce. Leonce's letter mentions that they'll go on a foreign trip when he returns, since he's made a lot of money on Wall Street. In addition, she receives a letter from Alcee expressing his devotion and wishing her a good morning.

Edna responds to both the children and Leonce by being unclear in her letter to Leonce. Her lack of clarity is not intentional, but rather because she has lost touch with reality and feels resigned to whatever fate has in store for her. She doesn't reply to Alcee's letter at all.

On that particular day, Robert fails to show up, which greatly upsets Edna. He also doesn't come on the following two days. This causes Edna to feel hopeful in the morning but dejected at night. Despite her disappointment, she chooses not to look for him and even avoids places where he is likely to be.

One evening, she accompanies Alcee and later they both return to Edna's place to have food. He departs very late since it has now become their routine to spend time together since they began a sexual relationship. Though she doesn't feel sad before going to bed that night, she also doesn't wake up with any optimism.

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