Chapter 34 Summary

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Last Updated April 21, 2023.

The dining area is cozy and intimate, but the atmosphere becomes more formal during dinner, in contrast to the previous familiarity shared by Robert and Edna. They discuss their activities since their previous meeting. Robert leaves to purchase cigarette paper, and Edna observes that he has a new tobacco pouch. When asked about it, Robert reveals that it was given to him by a young Mexican woman, which prompts Edna to ask many suspicious questions. However, Robert reassures her that the woman is unimportant.

Robert acknowledges that Edna has the power to end their relationship whenever she wants, but Edna brings up the memories of their time spent together in Grand Isle. In response, Robert assures her that he remembers every detail of their time together in that place.

Alcee visits and Robert interprets this as a sign to depart. Edna requests that Alcee depart as well, although he is reluctant. He ultimately agrees, after trying to convince Edna to go on a drive with him. Once Alcee is gone, Edna becomes dazed and contemplates the time she spent with Robert. She believes that somehow they were more connected when he was residing in Mexico.

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