The Awakening Chapter 33 Summary and Analysis

Kate Chopin

Chapter 33 Summary and Analysis

One day, Edna sets out for Mademoiselle Reisz’s to rest and talk about Robert. She had a talk with Adele earlier in the day, and Adele had noted that Edna seemed to act without reflection—like a little child. She worried what people would think about Alcee’s visits. Then she made Edna promise that she would come when Adele gives birth.

Edna is waiting in Mademoiselle Reisz’s apartment for the lady to come home and begins to softly play the piano. There is a knock on the door, and Edna says to come in. It is Robert; he clasps her hand. Then Edna sits by the window, and Robert sits on the piano stool. He tells Edna he has been home for two days. She is very upset and wonders if he...

(The entire section is 488 words.)