Chapter 32 Summary

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Last Updated April 21, 2023.

Leonce, who arrives late, informs Edna that he does not approve of her decision to move. His concern is primarily that their financial situation may appear to have deteriorated, which worries him. He handles the situation in a professional manner, quickly making plans to renovate their old house to make it appear as though they had no alternative but to move.

Edna is experiencing a great deal of happiness in her new house. She believes that even though she may have gone down in social status, she has ascended in spiritual status and is now capable of perceiving and comprehending things through her own perspective. Her life and her thoughts feel like her own.

Edna visits her children who are residing with Leonce's mother on the farm, and is overwhelmed with happiness to see them. She spends the entire week enjoying their company, and is moved to tears. As she departs, the sound of their voices stays with her for the entire journey home. However, when she returns to her solitude, she forgets about it.

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