Chapter 31 Summary

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Last Updated February 22, 2023.

Following the departure of everyone else, Edna and Alcee secure the premises and depart for their new home. Edna's housekeeper, Celestine, will be joining her at the new house but will return to clean the old house the next day. Edna appears to be in a melancholic and subdued mood.

Upon their arrival at the new house, they feel a sense of coziness and welcoming, as Edna had already put in some effort to make it feel like home. In addition, the house is adorned with a multitude of flowers that had been previously sent over by Alcee.

Edna informs Alcee that she is exhausted and unhappy and desires to take a break. She lowers her head onto the table, and Alcee commences comforting her by running his fingers through her hair, then massaging her shoulders. Eventually, he takes a seat and gives her a kiss. When she expresses her assumption that he was departing, he tells her that he will leave after bidding her good night. Nonetheless, he does not depart until they engage in a sexual encounter.

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