Chapter 30 Summary

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Last Updated April 20, 2023.

A detailed description is given of Edna's dinner party and the attendees, totaling nine guests. Edna takes a seat between Alcee and Mademoiselle Reisz. The table is arranged with opulence, featuring satin, lace, silver, gold, and crystal. Additionally, fresh roses in shades of red and yellow decorate the table.

The atmosphere is filled with lively chatter and the abundance of food, while Mrs. Highcamp makes an effort throughout the evening to get the attention of Victor Lebrun, who is seated next to her.

Edna is attired in satin and adorned with a diamond tiara, which was a birthday gift from Leonce and had been delivered earlier that day. She is 29 years of age and seated at the forefront of the table, exuding a majestic demeanor. Despite this, she experiences her usual boredom gradually taking hold of her, and upon gazing at a photograph of Robert, she is overcome with a sense of powerlessness.

Mrs. Highcamp starts paying more attention to Victor and adorns him with a rose garland and a white scarf. Victor, who is a bit intoxicated by both the wine and the attention, agrees to sing a song. However, the song he selects is the same one his brother Robert had sung to Edna while they were on a boat, causing Edna to yell out and spill wine on both Alcee and Mrs. Highcamp.

Initially, Victor doesn't take Edna's outburst seriously, but she has to physically cover his mouth with her hand. As a result of this commotion, everyone except Alcee leaves.

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