Chapter 24 Summary

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Last Updated April 20, 2023.

Edna and her father have a disagreement because she refuses to attend her sister's wedding in New York. Leonce, following Dr. Mandelet's suggestion, decides not to get involved in the argument, but he intends to attend the wedding himself to make up for Edna's absence. Edna's father disagrees with Leonce's approach and suggests that he assert his authority and use coercion to handle his wife. Leonce acknowledges that the Colonel may have coerced his own wife to an early death. Edna is relieved when her father leaves.

Right before Leonce departs for New York,  Edna becomes affectionate and realizes that she will miss him. The children also depart to stay with their grandmother in the countryside. Once she is left alone, Edna experiences a joyful and tranquil feeling. She wanders through the house with a fresh perspective, as if she is seeing it for the first time. She relishes in a solitary dinner and spends the evening reading Emerson in the library until she grows drowsy. When she eventually settles into bed, she experiences a sense of calm and restfulness that is new to her.

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