The Awakening Chapter 23 Summary and Analysis

Kate Chopin

Chapter 23 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Alcee Arobin: a young man-about-town with whom Edna has an affair

The Highcamps and the Merrimans: society people who are social friends of Edna’s

The Colonel: Edna’s father

Edna’s father is in the city to purchase a wedding gift for Edna’s sister Janet. He is a retired colonel and still has his military bearing. Edna and her father are not very close but are companionable. He sits still for a sketch, happy to sit rigidly for hours.

Edna takes her father to a party at the Ratignolles’ where Adele flirts with him. Edna notes that she is unable to do that. Leonce does not attend these parties; he prefers to...

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