Chapter 22 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

One day, Leonce decides to see Dr. Mandelet, their family doctor, because he's worried about Edna's recent behavior. Leonce mentions that Edna has been acting strangely and her attitude has changed, and he hints that they haven't been intimate recently. Dr. Mandelet asks if Edna has been associating with a particular group of insincere and pretentious women. Leonce clarifies that Edna has been isolating herself and hasn't been spending time with anyone. This alarms Dr. Mandelet, and Leonce also informs him that Edna has refused to attend her sister's upcoming wedding. The Doctor next asks about any family history of odd behavior, but Leonce assures him that Edna  "comes of sound old Presbyterian Kentucky stock. The old gentleman, her father, I have heard, used to atone for his weekday sins with his Sunday devotions."

Dr. Mandelet suggests to Leonce that he should give Edna some space for a while and assures him that this behavior is temporary. Additionally, Dr. Mandelet agrees to join them for dinner to personally observe Edna's behavior.

After Leonce departs, Dr. Mandelet considers the possibility of another man being involved to himself, which he would never asked directly: "but he knew his Creole too well to make such a blunder".

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