Chapter 2 Summary

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The opening of the chapter provides details about Edna Pontellier's appearance, including her striking yellow-brown eyes and hair, with slightly darker eyebrows. She is described as handsome, possessing a direct and honest expression, as well as a charming demeanor. Furthermore, her eyes hold a certain depth and her features display a subtle complexity.

The reader is given a description of Robert Lebrun, who is depicted as smoking a cigarette because he cannot afford cigars, despite having received one as a gift from Leonce Pontellier. He shares a similar complexion with Edna and is described as being clean-shaven.

Robert and Edna converse about their swimming excursion and the various activities happening in their surroundings, such as children engaged in playing croquet and the presence of the Farival twins. Additionally, they engage in a discussion about their personal lives and exhibit keen interest in each other's perspectives. Robert shares his lifelong ambition of travelling to Mexico to seek his fortune and make money, while reminiscing about a time when Grand Isle wasn't a tourist destination.

Edna discusses her upbringing and her Kentucky home, which is her father's plantation. She reads a letter from her sibling, and Robert inquires extensively about her family. Eventually, they prepare to dress for dinner. Edna becomes aware that her husband, Leonce, will not be returning home, and Robert confirms this as there were numerous gentlemen at Klein's. Subsequently, Robert spends time entertaining the Pontellier kids until it is time to eat.

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