Chapter 19 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

Edna acknowledges that her previous tantrum regarding the ring and vase was immature and pointless. As a result, she decides to act and think according to her own wishes and desires, which involves devoting more time to painting. She completely gives up on hosting her Tuesday gatherings and no longer tries to manage the household as she once did.

Leonce, who had been polite to Edna while she was compliant, becomes enraged by her impudence and her new choices. He draws a comparison between Edna and Adele, who is not only musically inclined but also fulfills her duties responsibly in the household. Edna asks him to leave her alone, and he agrees. However, Leonce is concerned that Edna might be losing her mental stability, without realizing that she is merely embracing her authentic self.

Edna climbs up to her studio located on the highest floor of the house to engage in painting. Even though devotes significant effort to create her paintings, she remains dissatisfied with her creations. She uses the residents and employees of the house as her models, engaging with them not as workers but as artistic subjects. While working, she occasionally hums the melody of the tune that Robert had previously sung to her, and she experiences intense longing.

She experiences moments of great happiness on certain days, particularly when she is by herself and can let her imagination run free. On other days, however, she feels intense unhappiness and hopelessness, which makes it difficult for her to be productive.

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