Chapter 15 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

Edna arrives to the dining room late, and is informed by several people informed that Robert will be leaving for Mexico soon. Robert appeared uneasy and embarrassed when he noticed Edna's surprise, and he defensively explained to everyone at the table that he's going to Vera Cruz to meet someone and made the decision to leave that afternoon.

As usual, the lovers only communicate with each other while everyone else is chattering about the trip. Adele cautions Robert about her distrust of Mexicans, and Edna inquires about his departure time before exiting the room.

After returning to her cottage, she keeps herself occupied with small tasks before telling a story to the children. Later, a young black girl comes to invite her to Madame Lebrun's place, where she can stay until Robert leaves. However, Edna pretends to be unwell and declines the invitation. Adele then visits her, and Edna expresses her surprise about Robert's trip, which Adele also acknowledges. Adele then departs to meet up with the rest of the group.

Robert eventually arrives and Edna scolds him for not informing her about his intention to leave. She expresses her eagerness to spend time with him and he agrees, implying that his departure is related to this. When Robert extends his hand, Edna holds onto it and pleads with him to stay in touch. Robert agrees but leaves without much warmth. Edna attempts to suppress her emotions but ultimately realizes that she has developed a crush on Robert.

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