Chapter 14 Summary

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Last Updated February 22, 2023.

At 9 o'clock, when Edna gets back to her cottage, Adele informs her that Etienne, Edna's younger son, was unwilling to fall asleep while she was looking after the children. Edna then sits on the rocking chair and comforts Etienne until he eventually falls asleep. Earlier, Leonce had planned to bring Edna back but was talked out of it and has since gone to Klein's.

After Edna reminds Robert that they have spent the whole day together, he takes a solo walk. Edna also chooses to be by herself, staying in the cottage instead of joining everyone else. During this time, she comes to the realization that she has undergone a transformation since the previous summer and that she is unlike her former self.

She is curious as to why Robert didn't remain and desires for him to have stayed. She starts to hum a tune that he had serenaded her with while they were on the boat.

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