Chapter 13 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

During the service, Edna starts to feel fatigued and unwell, causing her to leave before it concludes. Robert joins her outside and proposes they visit Madame Antoine's place. Madame Antoine greets them warmly and shows Edna to a room with a spacious, white four-poster bed. Meanwhile, Robert stays with Madame Antoine as they wait for Tonie. Edna takes a bath, changes her clothes, and revels in the scent of the bed and the sensation of her body. After a while, she drifts off to sleep.

Upon waking up, Edna experiences a sensation of having been in a deep slumber for an extended period of time. After washing up, she proceeds to the adjacent room where Madame Antoine has arranged a spread of food and beverages. When she encounters Robert, they playfully joke that she must have slept for a century and they are the sole surviving people left.

Robert gets more food ready, and together they enjoy a satisfying meal. They agree to postpone their return to Grand Isle since the rest of the group has already left, and they decide to wait until sunset. Madame Antoine joins them later and entertains them with stories in the moonlight. Eventually, they depart by traveling in Tonie's boat.

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