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Chapter 12 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Mariequita: a “mischievous,” carefree Spanish girl who works at Grand Isle

Baudelet: an old sailor who takes people by boat to Mass at Cheniere Caminada

Edna sleeps badly and is up and dressed early. Only a few others are up, those who intend to go to mass at the Cheniere. Edna sends Madame Lebrun’s servant to wake up Robert, to tell him to come to mass with her. They each have coffee and a roll, and then join the others at the wharf. The lovers are there, the lady in black, old Monsieur Farival, and a young girl named Mariequita whom Robert knows and speaks to in Spanish.

Edna stares at Mariequita, and Mariequita asks Robert if Edna is Robert’s lover. Robert answers that she is married.

Edna feels light and free again sailing on the bay, and Robert asks her to go with him to Grand Terre the following day. They chat about it for a while in an intimate manner, and then everybody goes to the church except Baudelet and Mariequita.

Discussion and Analysis
Here Chopin shows us how Edna’s “awakening” has taken...

(The entire section is 375 words.)