Chapter 12 Summary

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Last Updated February 22, 2023.

Edna doesn't sleep well and wakes up early, while only a handful of people are also awake who plan to attend mass at the Cheniere. Edna sends Madame Lebrun's servant to wake up Robert and invite him to go to mass with her. They have breakfast of coffee and a roll, and then meet the others at the wharf. Among the group are the lovers, the woman in black, elderly Monsieur Farival, and a young girl named Mariequita, whom Robert is familiar with and converses with in Spanish.

Edna gazes at Mariequita, who inquires of Robert whether Edna is his romantic partner. Robert responds that she is wedded. Upon hearing this, Edna experiences a sense of ease and liberation while sailing on the bay. Robert invites her to accompany him to Grand Terre the next day, and they discuss the matter intimately. Subsequently, everyone, except for Baudelet and Mariequita, attends church.

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