Chapter 10 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

The visitors are strolling in small clusters towards the shore, while Robert remains behind with the romantic couple. Edna is curious as to why he isn't joining them and feels his absence keenly. The ocean is calm and the moon is shining brightly.

Throughout the summer, Edna has been attempting to learn swimming, and today she has finally succeeded. Overjoyed with her achievement, she exclaims with happiness and swims out alone as far as she can. Although she experiences a brief moment of fear while out in the water, she ultimately manages to return to shore safely. Afterwards, she changes into dry clothes and departs, even though the other guests try to convince her to stay.

Robert catches up to Edna as she is making her way home, and they converse about spirits and the ethereal ambiance of the evening. Edna describes her emotional response to the music, and at a certain point, Edna feels slighted, thinking that Robert is belittling her emotions. When they arrive at her room, Edna reclines in a hammock, anticipating Leonce's return. Robert stays until he assumes she has dozed off, and then departs. Edna observes him depart as she remains awake.

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