Chapter 1 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

Leonce Pontellier is situated inside the main structure, commonly referred to as the "House," at a resort on Grand Isle. He is trying to read a newspaper but is disturbed by the commotion caused by a green and yellow parrot that talks in French and Spanish. He departs from the House and heads towards his own cottage where he resumes reading his newspaper. While there, he can hear a lot of noise emanating from the House, such as the Farival twins playing the piano and Mrs. Lebrun, the owner of the resort. He spots his two young children, who are four and five years old, playing with their 'quadroon' caregiver.

Leonce lights up a cigar and notices his spouse Edna approaching the cottage with Robert Lebrun. He scolds them for swimming in the hot weather and returns her wedding bands that she had removed before going to the beach. Edna and Robert share a laugh about a beach adventure and attempt to include Leonce in the conversation, but he appears disinterested. Eventually, he stands up and departs for Klein's Hotel to play billiards. He extends an invitation to Robert, but Robert declines, preferring to stay with Edna.

Edna asks Leonce if he will be present for dinner, but he does not respond as the answer depends on what happens later at Klein's. Edna understands, and bids farewell. Leonce pledges to bring home sweets and nuts for their kids.

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