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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The play is written by Clifford Odets, an American playwright. The play is about a poor family that lived under one roof and their various conflicts. As the parents planned on how to influence the lives of their children, the children were working hard to achieve their dreams. The play entails various characters including:

Bessie Berger – She is a Jewish American woman trying to sustain her family in the era of the great depression.

Myron Berger – He is the husband to Bessie Berger. He lacks the vigor of a leader and instead is controlled by his wife, Bessie.

Hennie Berger – She is Myron’s daughter and is characterized as independent-minded, though she is eventually crushed by the insecurities and economic forces that face the entire family.

Ralph Berger – He is Myron’s son. Ralph is idealistic and contributes to the economic well-being of the family.

Uncle Morty – He is Jacob’s son and a brother to Bessie. He is portrayed as affluent, womanizing, and cigar smoking individual.

Jacob – He is the father to Morty and Bessie. He also lives with the rest of the family.

Sam Feinschreiber – He is an immigrant who works with Myron.

Moe Axelrod – He is a friend to the Berger family. He lost his leg at war and lives on the disability pension.

Schlosser – He is the superintendent of the building where the Berger family lives. He is the one who tells the family about Jacob’s suicide.

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