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The Autobiography of Malcolm X

by Malcolm X, Alex Haley

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Chapter 8 Quiz: Trapped and Chapter 9 Quiz: Caught

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Study Questions

1. What is Billie Holiday’s nickname?

2. Why does Shorty come to New York?

3. Why is Ella shocked when she sees Malcolm after he has moved back to Boston?

4. How much money does Malcolm’s cocaine habit cost him daily?

5. What is a “finder”?

6. Why does Malcolm decide to include white girls in his burglary operation?

7. Why does Malcolm often go to the Savoy nightclub after burglarizing homes?

8. How does Sophia’s husband find out about her relationship with Malcolm?

9. At the time Malcolm is arrested, who is at his apartment?

10. What is the attitude of Malcolm’s lawyer toward his arrest?


1. Billie Holiday’s nickname is Lady Day.

2. Shorty comes to New York after receiving a phone call from Sammy, telling him that Malcolm needs his help.

3. Ella is shocked when she sees Malcolm because she thinks he has become an atheist; he is uncouth and full of profanity.

4. Malcolm’s cocaine habit costs him $20 daily.

5. A “finder” is a person who locates wealthy homes to rob.

6. Malcolm decides to include white girls in his burglary operation for two reasons. First, he thinks white women would be good “finders.” Second, they would not “stick out like sore thumbs” in white residential areas.

7. Malcolm goes to the Savoy after burglarizing homes because, if it were ever necessary, the bar patrons could testify that he had been at the bar at the time a burglary was committed.

8. Sophia’s husband’s friend tells her husband about Sophia’s relationship with Malcolm.

9. When Malcolm is arrested, Sophia’s husband is at his apartment.

10. Malcolm’s lawyer is angry about Malcolm’s involvement with white women.

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