Chapter 2: Mascot

Study Questions
1. What was the outcome of Malcolm’s boxing matches with Bill Peterson?

2. Why was Malcolm expelled from school?

3. In what extracurricular activities did Malcolm participate in Mason Junior High School?

4. Where did Malcolm work after school?

5. What were Malcolm’s favorite subjects in school?

6. What did Malcolm think was unique about his half-sister Ella?

7. How did Ella become financially successful?

8. How did Malcolm feel after Ella’s suggestion about the Little family visiting their mother? Why?

9. What professions did Mr. Ostrowski encourage Malcolm’s classmates to pursue?

10. Where did Malcolm go to listen to music when he visited Boston?

1. Bill Peterson won both boxing matches.

2. Malcolm was expelled because he placed a thumbtack on his teacher’s chair.

3. Malcolm was a member of the debating society and the junior high basketball team.

4. Malcolm worked in a local restaurant, washing dishes.

5. Malcolm’s favorite subjects were English and history.

6. Malcolm felt that his half-sister Ella was “the first really proud black woman” he had ever seen in his life.

7. Ella became financially successful by investing in real estate.

8. Malcolm was grateful and optimistic about Ella’s suggestion because he felt that she could help his mother get well and return to her family.

9. Mr. Ostrowski encouraged Malcolm’s classmates to pursue careers as teachers, a county agent, a veterinarian, and a nurse.

10. Malcolm went to the Roseland State Ballroom in Boston to listen to music.