The Autobiography of Malcolm X

by Malcolm X, Alex Haley

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Chapter 14 Quiz: Black Muslims

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Study Questions

1. As Muhammad’s emissary, what African countries does Malcolm visit in 1959?

2. What is the name of the television documentary that profiles the Nation of Islam?

3. What “demagogues” does Malcolm compare Muhammad to? Name three.

4. What national magazines run stories about the Nation of Islam?

5. Who coined the name “Black Muslims”?

6. According to Malcolm, what do America’s law enforcement agencies do to keep track of the Nation of Islam?

7. Aside from health concerns, why is Malcolm so adamantly against smoking?

8. What will the proposed Islamic Center in Chicago contain?

9. What type of health problems does Muhammad have?

10. Where does Muhammad live most of the year as a result of his health problems?


1. Malcolm visits Egypt, Arabia, the Sudan, Nigeria, and Ghana as Muhammad’s emissary.

2. The name of the television program is “The Hate That Hate Produced.”

3. Malcolm compares Muhammad to “demagogues” like Socrates, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Galileo, and Martin Luther.

4. Life, Look, Newsweek, Time, and Reader’s Digest run stories about the Nation of Islam.

5. The name “Black Muslims” comes from the title of Professor Lincoln’s book, The Black Muslims in America.

6. According to Malcolm, law enforcement agents watch Muslims, tap their telephones, and use black agents to infiltrate the Nation of Islam.

7. Malcolm is adamantly against smoking because he is against supporting the white-controlled government, which receives the tobacco industry’s billions of dollars in tax revenues.

8. The proposed Islamic Center will contain a beautiful mosque, school, library, hospital, and a museum, and will document black history.

9. Muhammad has a bronchial asthmatic condition.

10. Muhammad lives in the dry climate of Phoenix, Arizona because of his health problems.

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