The Autobiography of Malcolm X

by Malcolm X, Alex Haley

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Chapter 11 Quiz: Saved and Chapter 12 Quiz: Savior

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Study Questions

1. Who was Nat Turner?

2. In addition to the United States, Malcolm names two countries whose non-white citizens have suffered as a result of white people. Name these countries.

3. What does the five-pointed Islamic star stand for?

4. Why does Malcolm begin to wear glasses?

5. What did Shorty do while he was in prison?

6. What does Malcolm buy when he is released from prison?

7. What are Elijah Muhammad’s recommendations to Malcolm about how to increase membership in the Nation of Islam?

8. Malcolm compares his visits with Elijah Muhammad with “Socrates on the steps of the Athens market place.” Explain the analogy.

9. Why was Elijah Muhammad forced to quit school?

10. How many children do Elijah Muhammad and his wife have?


1. Nat Turner was a slave preacher. In 1831, he led a slave insurrection, killing 57 white people. He was caught and hanged for the murders two months later.

2. India and China are the two countries Malcolm names.

3. The five-pointed Islamic star stands for justice and the five senses of man.

4. Malcolm begins wearing glasses because he developed an astigmatism in prison from reading in the dark.

5. Shorty studied and wrote musical compositions while he was in prison.

6. Malcolm buys a better-looking pair of glasses, a suitcase, and a wristwatch when he is released from prison.

7. Elijah Muhammad recommends that Malcolm “Go after the young people. Once you get them, the older ones will follow through shame.”

8. Malcolm and Elijah drove along the streets of Chicago, visiting Muslim-owned grocery stores. Muhammad would spread the teachings of the Nation of Islam, as Socrates would spread his wisdom to his students.

9. Elijah Muhammad quit school because his family was very poor and he had to start working.

10. Elijah Muhammad and his wife have eight children.

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