The Autobiography of Malcolm X Chapter 10 Quiz: Satan
by Malcolm X, Alex Haley

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Chapter 10 Quiz: Satan

Study Questions

1. Where were Sophia and her sister sent?

2. When was the Charlestown prison built?

3. Who is Malcolm’s first visitor in prison?

4. What subjects does Malcolm study in his correspondence courses?

5. What is the reaction of the other inmates to Malcolm’s refusal to eat pork?

6. How many inmates does the Norfolk Prison Colony have?

7. Where was Elijah Muhammad born?

8. Where does Elijah Muhammad stay when he visits Detroit?

9. According to Elijah Muhammad’s teachings, from what tribe do America’s blacks descend?

10. Who was Master W.D. Fard?


1. Sophia and her sister were sent to the Women’s Reformatory at Framingham, Massachusetts.

2. Charlestown State Prison was built in 1805.

3. Ella was Malcolm’s first visitor in prison.

4. Malcolm studies grammar and Latin.

5. The other inmates are surprised at Malcolm’s refusal to eat pork.

6. The Norfolk Prison Colony has 1200 inmates.

7. Elijah Muhammad was born on a farm in Georgia.

8. Elijah Muhammad stays at the house of Wilfred, Malcolm’s brother.

9. America’s blacks descend from the strong black tribe of Shabazz.

10. Master W.D. Fard was considered a god, and gave Elijah Muhammad Allah’s message.