The Autobiography of Malcolm X

by Malcolm X, Alex Haley

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What factors led to Malcolm X's early anti-social behavior?

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In addition to the above, when in Boston, Malcolm quickly became involved in urban nightlife, passing for being much older than he was, wearing flashy clothes, gambling, drinking, doing drugs, and dating an older white woman. He eventually took a job as a railway porter, moved to New York, and began working as a hustler in Harlem where he ran numbers,sold drugs, and commited armed robberies. Needless to say, he was eventually arrested and imprisoned.

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I think there are a lot of factors that led to Malcolm's anti-social behavior in his early life, for one his father was murdered and his mother put into a mental hospital, and for a while he was living in a detention home. Until he moved in with his sister, he had to survive on his own. he internalized all of this.

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