The Autobiography of Malcolm X Master List of People

Malcolm X, Alex Haley

Master List of People

Master List of People
Malcolm Little—the narrator and main character.

Louise Little—Malcolm’s mother.

The Reverend Earl Little—Malcolm’s father, a Baptist minister.

Yvonne—Malcolm’s youngest sister.

Robert—Malcolm’s younger brother.

Philbert—Malcolm’s older brother.

Wilfred—Malcolm’s older brother.

Hilda—Malcolm’s older sister.

Reginald—Malcolm’s younger brother.

Wesley—Malcolm’s younger brother.

The Gohannas—a family with whom the young Malcolm goes to live.

Big Boy—the Gohannas’ nephew.

Mrs. Adcock—a woman who lives with the Gohannas.

Bill Peterson—white boxer who fights Malcolm.

Maynard Allen—works for the state welfare agency.

Mr. and Mrs. Swerlin—a white couple in charge of detention home.

Lucille Lathrop—white cook-helper who works for the Swerlins.

Duane Lathrop—Lucille’s husband.

A judge—in charge of Malcolm’s case in Lansing.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyons—a West Indian couple whose children attend school with Malcolm.

Mr. Ostrowski—Malcolm’s English teacher.

Mr. Williams—Malcolm’s history teacher.

Ella—Malcolm’s half-sister who lives in Boston.

Earl—Malcolm’s half-brother.

Mary—Malcolm’s half-sister.

Frank—Ella’s second husband.

Audrey Slaugh—Malcolm’s classmate.

Jimmy Cotton—Malcolm’s classmate.

Shorty—Malcolm’s friend.

Freddie—works as a shoeshine boy.

Laura—a black high school honors student.

Mamie Bevels—waitress at Roseland.

Sophia—a white girl Malcolm meets at Roseland.

Old Man Rountree—elderly Pullman porter and friend of Ella’s.

Pappy Cousins—Yankee Clipper steward.

Ed Small—owner of Small’s Paradise, a popular Harlem nightspot.

Charlie Small—Ed’s brother, who interviews Malcolm for a job.

The Forty Thieves—a group of men who steal clothing from stores and resell at one-third of the store’s prices.

The Four Horsemen—a group of crooked black policemen who patrol Harlem’s Sugar Hill neighborhood.

Brisbane—a West-Indian policeman.

“Cadillac” Drake—a Harlem pimp.

Sammy the Pimp—a pimp and close friend of Malcolm’s.

“Alabama Peach”—a white prostitute who works for Sammy.

“Dollarbill”—a Harlem pimp.

“Fewclothes”—a former pickpocket and regular customer at Small’s Paradise.

“Jumpsteady”—a burglar and regular at Small’s Paradise.

Creole Bill—Malcolm’s friend, who converts his apartment into a speakeasy.

“Brown Sugar”—Creole Bill’s girlfriend.

“St. Louis Red”—an armed robber with whom Malcolm once worked.

“Chicago Red”—a funny dishwasher; later he will become famous as Redd Foxx.

Joe Baker—a West Indian plainclothes New York City detective.

Gladys Hampton—wife of famed musician, Lionel Hampton.

Frank Schiffman—owner of the Apollo Theater.

West Indian Archie—a numbers runner in Harlem.

Hymie—a Jewish restaurant owner for whom Malcolm works.

Jean Parks—a former singer and friend of Malcolm’s.

Billie Holliday—a famous black jazz singer.

Sophia’s 17-year old sister—is unnamed throughout the autobiography; dates Shorty.

White lesbian and her girlfriend—Malcolm’s friends.

John Hughes—owns a gambling house in Boston.

Rudy—a friend of Shorty’s and member of Malcolm’s burglary ring.

Turner—one of Boston’s two black police detectives.

Sophia’s husband—goes looking for Malcolm when he discovers that Sophia has been dating him.

Sophia’s husband’s friend—takes Sophia and her sister out to dinner.

Detective Slack—police detective who investigates Malcolm.

Detective Turner—police detective who investigates Malcolm.

Spanish Negro Woman—Sammy’s girlfriend.

Bimbi—Malcolm’s fellow inmate in Charlestown State Prison, who encourages Malcolm to take prison correspondence courses.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad—the leader of the Nation of Islam.

“Mr. Yacub”—According to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, this black man created the white race 6,600 years ago.

Master W. D. Fard—a half-black, half-white man who gave Elijah Muhammad Allah’s message and divine guidance.

Lemuel Hassan—minister of Detroit’s Temple Number One.

Sister Clara Muhammad—Elijah Muhammad’s wife.

Mother Marie—Elijah Muhammad’s mother.

Brother Lloyd X—a Muslim follower in Boston.

Brother Osborne—a Muslim follower in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Brother James X—a Muslim follower in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sister Betty X—Malcolm’s wife.

Brother John Ali and his wife—a couple who share a house with Malcolm and his wife in Queens, New York.

Louis Lomax—black journalist who profiles the Nation of Islam in a television documentary.

Professor C. Eric Lincoln—black scholar who writes a book about the Nation of Islam.

James Hicks—editor of the Amsterdam News, a Harlem newspaper.

Various Brothers and Sisters—followers of Muhammad’s Nation of Islam.

Dr. Leana A. Turner—Malcolm’s family doctor.

Cassius Clay—famous Muslim heavyweight boxer.

Sonny Liston—famous heavyweight boxer who fights Cassius Clay.

Floyd Patterson—famous heavyweight boxer who fights Cassius Clay.

Wallace Muhammad—Elijah Muhammad’s son.

Dr. Mahmoud Youssef Shawarbi—a Muslim lecturer, writer, professor, and United Nations’ advisor, and close advisor to Prince Faisal, who helps Malcolm make his pilgrimage to Mecca.

Prince Faisal—the ruler of Saudi Arabia.

Abd ir-Rahman Azzam—author of The Eternal Message of Muhammad, who lives in Jedda
Muhammad Shawarbi—son of Dr. Shawarbi; a student at Cairo University.

Dr. Omar Azzam—son of Mr. Azzam, and a Swiss-trained engineer who lives in Jedda.

Muhammad, the Mutawaf—a young man who serves as a guide to Malcolm on his pilgrimage to Mecca.

Hussein Amini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem—a Muslim leader.

Sheikh Muhammad Harkon—judge of the Muslim High Court.

Kasem Gulek—member of the Turkish Parliament who Malcolm meets on Mount Arafat.

Sheikh Abdullah Eraif—mayor of Mecca.

Muhammad Abdul Azziz Maged—Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Chief of Protocol, who serves as an interpreter for conversations between Malcolm and Prince Faisal.

Professor Essien-Udom—author of Black Nationalism and professor at Ibadan University in Lagos, Nigeria.

Larry Jackson—Black Peace Corps’ volunteer whom Malcolm meets in Nigeria.

Julian Mayfield—author and leader of Ghana’s group of African-American expatriates.

Ana Livia—Mayfield’s wife.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah—President of Ghana.

Shirley Graham Du Bois—writer and director of Ghanaian television; widow of famous African-American revolutionary and scholar, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, who moved to Ghana late in his life.

Alex Haley—the person to whom Malcolm tells his autobiography, and writer of the autobiography’s epilogue.

Ossie Davis—popular actor and friend of Malcolm, who eulogized Malcolm.

Reverend Milton Galamison—militant clergyman, who was scheduled to be the co-speaker with Malcolm at the Audubon Ballroom on the day Malcolm was assassinated.

Brother Benjamin X—Malcolm’s assistant at the Muslim Mosque, Inc.

Stanley Scott—United Press International reporter who was at the Audubon Ballroom when Malcolm was assassinated.

Bishop Alvin A. Childs—Malcolm’s funeral was held at his church, Church of God in Christ.