The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Book 3, Chapters 7-9 Summary

Ernest J. Gaines

Book 3, Chapters 7-9 Summary

Creoles (people of mixed races such as African and white French) live not too far from the Samson plantation where Jane now works in the kitchen. The Creole people are reluctant to mix with people who live outside of their culture. Blacks from the plantation are not welcomed, and if a Creole ever leaves the village, he or she is not allowed to return.

There is an incident in which two young men from Samson decide to crash a party in the Creoles’ territory. Adults warn the two men to stay away, but the men want to mix with the pretty Creole women and will not be deterred. When they arrive, several Creole men greet them and ask who invited them. The two Samson men, Sappho and Claudee, say Jacques invited them; this is a...

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