The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Book 2, Chapters 10-12 Summary

Ernest J. Gaines

Book 2, Chapters 10-12 Summary

Albert Cluveau is a white man who kills people. He often goes fishing with Jane, eats food she fixes for him, and drinks her coffee. He talks about fishing and farming, but mostly he likes to discuss the details of how many people he has killed, both white and black. Albert Cluveau disgusts Jane, but she continues to tolerate him. Then one day, Cluveau tells Jane that Ned is in trouble. There are some white people who want Ned dead.

Jane goes to Ned’s house to warn him. It is late at night and Ned is teaching in his home. When he is finished, Jane thinks Ned looks too tired to hear or heed her warning. So she goes home without telling him about what Cluveau has said.

A few days later, Cluveau is back at...

(The entire section is 579 words.)