The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Book 1, Chapters 9-10 Summary

Ernest J. Gaines

Book 1, Chapters 9-10 Summary

Jane is tired of walking but is still determined to make it to Ohio. She and Ned are still walking through the swamps, and Jane must carry Ned much of the time because the water sometimes is as high as Jane’s waist. When they finally leave the swamp, the ground around them looks barren. There are no trees in sight, which means they will have no shade from the sun.

In the distance, Jane sees a small cabin and heads for it. When they get close, they see an old white man, who is not much taller than Jane is. The man sees how tired they are and offers them food. As Jane and Ned eat, the man answers Jane’s questions about where Ohio is. He points out where Louisiana is by going to a map that is tacked to the wall. He...

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