The Autobiography of Mark Twain Summary

Mark Twain

Chapters 1-17 Summary

The author explains to his readers that since the publication of his autobiography will happen after he is...

(The entire section is 220 words.)

Chapters 18-28 Summary

Chapters 18-28
Clemens' s father dies in 1847, sending the family into poverty. Clemens becomes a printer's...

(The entire section is 292 words.)

Chapters 29-35 Summary

Chapters 29-35
Twain takes a trip around the world, then writes The Innocents...

(The entire section is 74 words.)

Chapters 36-42 Summary

Chapters 36-42
Twain discusses his courtship of and marriage to Olivia L. Langdon, an invalid most of her life, who...

(The entire section is 81 words.)

Chapters 43-52 Summary

Chapters 43-52
While in San Francisco, Twain gets two potential opportunities from an investor, both of which are...

(The entire section is 165 words.)

Chapters 53-60 Summary

Chapters 53-60
Twain discusses his half-completed books, his laziness, and his newfound dependence on dictation. He...

(The entire section is 82 words.)

Chapters 61-64 Summary

Chapters 61-64
Twain talks about his increasing disdain for Bret Harte, who has angered creditors, critics, and...

(The entire section is 89 words.)

Chapters 65-71 Summary

Chapters 65-71
Twain relates the details of the death of his daughter Susy, who contracts meningitis while Twain is...

(The entire section is 96 words.)

Chapters 72-78 Summary

Chapters 72-78
Twain shares his negative views on Europe, then jumps at the chance to travel there to receive an...

(The entire section is 108 words.)

Chapter 79 Summary

Chapter 79
Twain describes his daughter Jean's death from heart failure caused by an epileptic seizure, then remembers...

(The entire section is 47 words.)