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• Research the current religious unrest in Northern Ireland. Write a brief summary of the situation, and then explain how the historical relationship between England and Ireland contributed to this situation.

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• Read a brief biography of Yeats. Discuss some differences between the biography and Autobiographies. Does one include events or personalities that the other omits? Are any events described differently in the two works?

• Many critics believe that Yeats was the greatest poet in the English language. Read a few of his poems. Do you agree with the critics’ opinion? Explain why or why not, using the poems you have selected to support your conclusion.

• In his Autobiographies, Yeats writes a lot about his experiences and experiments with the supernatural. Choose one type of supernatural event he experienced—such as visions or extrasensory perception—and investigate what scientists, religious leaders, and philosophers have to say about this subject. How do they differ in their interpretations of such events? Have you ever experienced anything similar to what Yeats referred to in his book? If so, how do you explain what happened to you?

• Yeats was heavily influenced by the English writer William Blake. Research Blake’s life and work. Then, in a chart or essay, compare and contrast the two men. What elements in Yeats’s life and work do you think were a result of Blake’s influence? In what ways were the two men and their work very different?

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