Topics for Further Study

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  • Browning was an avid reader of the French and English novelists of her day. Make an annotated list of these novelists and their works, providing the most notable information in terms of their influence, themes, and popularity.
  • Robert Browning was, of course, an important influence on his wife's life and works. Write a brief biography of Robert Browning, including mention of his major works, a comparison with his wife's career and commitment to women's issues, and an analysis of the artistic relationship of the couple.
  • Browning has become of interest to modern feminists. What questions were being addressed about the role of women in Victorian England? What were the feminist influences on Browning?
  • Browning was very well read in the classics. Compare the importance of ancient Greek and Latin literature in Victorian education with that of today.
  • The Barrett family fortune came from Jamaican sugar plantations. Research the history and economic impact of such Caribbean plantations during the 1700s and 1800s and write a summary of your findings.

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