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(Great Characters in Literature)


Leonora, called Lemon, Susie and Jack’s daughter. A sickly young woman living alone in London, Lemon sits in her apartment and subsists on bread, fruit, and vegetable juices. Lately, her time has been spent sleeping, masturbating, and reading books about the Nazi death camps. During her childhood, Lemon would lie in bed and listen to the stories told by Aunt Dan. Lemon later explains that when she was eighteen, she felt physically attracted to Aunt Dan, but because Aunt Dan was sick at the time, she did not make an advance. Lemon’s defense of the Nazis and their cruelty appears to have been influenced by Aunt Dan’s beliefs that governments will survive only through the use of violence.

Danielle (Aunt Dan)

Danielle (Aunt Dan), an American academic living in England who is a friend of Jack and Susie. As a young woman, Danielle became friends with Susie and later introduced her to Jack. She is nicknamed Aunt Dan by the eleven-year-old Lemon. At night, she would tell Lemon stories about the great man Henry Kissinger. According to Aunt Dan, the former American secretary of state carried the problems of an entire nation on his shoulders. She defends every decision that Kissinger made during the Vietnam War, for she understands that governments must use force if they are to survive. Aunt Dan has an affair with the prostitute Mindy after Mindy kills a man for sexual thrills.



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