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(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Kent, Christopher A. "Higher Journalism and the Promotion of Comtism." Victorian Periodicals Review XXV, No. 2 (Summer 1992): 51-56.

Claims that "Comte's English disciples became a force largely through the practice of journalism."

Martí, Oscar R. "August Comte and the Positivist Utopia." In The Utopian Vision: Seven Essays on the Quincentennial of Sir Thomas More, edited by E. D. S. Sullivan, pp. 93-114. San Diego State University Press, 1983.

Examines Comte's philosophy as it prescribes a positivist utopia, focusing on its legacy abroad and critiquing its philosophical assumptions.

Pickering, Mary. "New Evidence of the Link Between Comte and German Philosophy." Journal of the History of Ideas L, No. 3 (July-Sept. 1989): 443-63.

Explores the influence of German philosophers, especially Johann Gottfried Herder, on the philosophy of Comte.

Whittaker, Thomas. Comte and Mill. New York: Dodge Publishing Company, 1908, 91 p.

Discusses the ideas of Comte and Mill, and how the two influenced each other throughout their careers.