Robin Benway’s Audrey, Wait!, published by Razorbill in 2008, is a novel for young adults.

Audrey, Wait! is a story about teenagers living in southern California. Audrey Cuttler is a sixteen-year-old who decides to break up with her boyfriend, Evan. In response to their break-up, Evan writes a song with his rock band, the Do-Gooders. The response to the song is completely unexpected: it gets air-play on radio stations all over the world and hits the top of the music charts.

Evan and his band members become worldwide celebrities and by extension Audrey becomes a celebrity, too. Audrey did not choose this situation, but she figures out that she must find ways to live with it. She constantly moves around the paparazzi. She receives endless phone calls, IMs, and emails every day. She also finds her name in gossip magazines and is challenged by the wild reactions from students at school. Audrey does her best to lead a normal life, but she is completely overwhelmed. There are videos of her on the Internet and she can no longer go out without running into fans.

Audrey's life following Evan and her instant fame are not entirely unpleasant. She is able to enter the VIP section for one of her favorite band's performances. She also starts a relationship with James, a coworker at an ice cream shop, the Scooper Dooper. Audrey convinces James that they might have a good relationship even if their relationship will likely end up in the newspapers.

Audrey, Wait! brings contemporary society’s obsession with celebrity into poignant view. Reviews praise the fast-paced narration that often upends the story with many surprises. Readers who are fans of music will understand the loyalty to which teenagers in the story follow their favorite bands. Readers will also likely appreciate the same music as those of many of the characters, bands such as Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure, Patti Smith, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Benway provides a deft, humorous touch to the dialogue that is engaging to the very end.