Atonement Part 3, Section 6 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 3, Section 6 Summary

After Paul and Lola’s wedding, Briony is again walking purposefully toward her destination. Along the way she thinks of food, of all the lovely things which she once had every day and can only be gotten now if one pays the right price and knows the right people. A man steps out of a church and she wants to ask him for directions to the nearest café, but he is jittery and seems determined to ignore her, so she does not. Instead she retraces her steps and finds a place to have some tea and reconsider her plan. After a quick and incomplete freshening up, she decides she will go see her sister Cecilia.

After much more convoluted walking, she finds the house she is looking for and eventually someone answers her knock and...

(The entire section is 1420 words.)