Atonement Part 3, Section 5 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 3, Section 5 Summary

Life soon settles into a routine for Briony and the other trainees. After the initial inundation of wounded, the nurses are working a strict shift system, and Briony is grateful to be working days, even though they are long. Everything looks different now, and she feels as if these are the last days before the Germans arrive, coloring these days with a clarity and a brightness before something new begins. New wounded arrive each day, but now there are beds for them all. Rehearsals and evacuation drills become the norm, and Sister Drummond is not terrorizing the trainees as she once was. In this setting, Briony is able to switch days off with Fiona, a Saturday for a Monday.

Due to an administrative error, some men are...

(The entire section is 1113 words.)