Atonement Part 3, Section 4 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 3, Section 4 Summary

The level of supplies brought to the hospital increases at the end of May. Briony and the other girls barely take notice, though. They are too busy doing their jobs and beginning hospital nursing and anatomy classes; at the end of the evening, it is difficult for any of them to stay awake for very long while studying. Big Ben chimes every half hour, and often the trainees groan as they realize they are supposed to be somewhere else. Their mornings begin with bedpan duty until seven-thirty, followed by a routine of bed making, blanket washing, and floor cleaning. Their feet always hurt from standing all day, and after drawing the blackout shades they must rush to get their books and make it to class on time. Twice Briony gets caught...

(The entire section is 501 words.)