Atonement Part 3, Section 1 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 3, Section 1 Summary

[Part Three is not divided into chapters; instead, we have summarized this section by the white space dividing each segment.]

It is a cool late spring, April, and the hospital is mysteriously clearing out. Only eight of the twenty beds are occupied, and the senior staff is clearly harboring a secret the rest of the staff does not know. New drums of fire hoses and buckets of fire-fighting sand are deposited in the hallways, and Briony senses a disquiet, a “superstitious dread,” in the hallways. The trainees are always anxious about making mistakes. Sister Marjorie Drummond is always on the lookout, and a series of careless incidents could invoke her wrath in a mighty way. Briony knows she has made several...

(The entire section is 759 words.)