Atonement Part 2, Section 6 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 2, Section 6 Summary

There are times as they walk when Turner is out of his mind, not remembering with any certainty where he has been, what he is doing now, or what his plan is for the future. His mind is not always clear, perhaps because of his infected wound and subsequent recurring fever. When the trio finally reaches Dunkirk, they walk through streets covered with broken glass until they reach the sand of the beach. There they stop and take in the unbelievable sight before them. A makeshift military base has long lines of men waiting at the canteens as others work at their desks. Further out, actually in the water, are men standing and waiting, in full uniform with rifles held above their heads, forming a kind of human jetty. There is no ship of...

(The entire section is 1065 words.)