Atonement Part 2, Section 5 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 2, Section 5 Summary

The procession continues. Turner and the corporals continue their trek toward Dunkirk and home. Ordinary activities, such as a man plowing his field and a woman knitting in the back seat of her car, continue. However, the forward press of refugees reminds them there is a war. Suddenly at least fifteen aircraft flying at ten thousand feet are dots on the horizon. One Stuka breaks away and dives toward them as everyone on the road runs for cover. Turner can walk and stop without much thinking or effort; breaking away to protect himself takes nearly all his energy. A woman with a child appears in front of him, and she cannot decide where they might be safest during an air strike. Her inactivity sparks Turner’s protective instincts,...

(The entire section is 838 words.)