Atonement Part 2, Section 3 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 2, Section 3 Summary

Turner is nudged awake by one of the corporals. After dismantling their beds and makeshift table, the three soldiers smoke their first cigarettes of the day. Someone had left them a fresh loaf of bread and a wedge of cheese, which they divide now in case they get separated. They journey for several hours, and Turner is having difficulty matching the map to their terrain. They hear planes and artillery fire as they approach a village. A convoy of vehicles is in front of them, but they are not too tempted to hitch a ride, for the string of lorries is an easy target for fighter planes. They are headed north to Dunkirk, and they no longer need a map.

Along the way are many disabled military vehicles, stripped and useless to...

(The entire section is 584 words.)