Atonement Part 2, Section 2 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 2, Section 2 Summary

It is dark out, and although the corporals are already asleep and snoring, Turner is not able to sleep. He thinks about how easy it is for an army to kill without seeing the individual casualties, the personal impact, of their actions. As he rests on his back looking out at the dark, Turner feels as if he is back in the cell where he spent three and a half years. How, he wonders, did he survive the “stupidity and claustrophobia” of that time. Being here, in the middle of a war full of death and destruction, is better than being in prison, “waiting for nothing.” Here there are valleys and streams and sunlight on trees, things that cannot be taken from him unless someone kills him. And here there is hope in the form of a...

(The entire section is 1144 words.)