Atonement Part 2, Section 1 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 2, Section 1 Summary

[Part Two is not divided into chapters; instead, we have divided this section by the white space separating each section.]

Part Two

Three men are walking. They have been walking for more than three miles, and now the man in the lead needs to stop and consult his map. It is not where he thinks it should be, and he stops and prepares to look for it when he discovers he is holding it in his left hand and it must have been there for the last hour. The other two men are off smoking and do not seem to notice. The map shows the rear area and is quite rare; he had pried it out of a dead captain’s hand as he was lying in a ditch. The man, Robbie Turner, also took the captain’s revolver....

(The entire section is 1017 words.)